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Castle of Shkodra

Castle of Shkodra

400 lek per person

Castle of Shkodra (named Rozafa)  is one of the most important castles of Albania and the main touristic attraction in the city of Shkodra. It is situated over a rocky hill to the west of the city of Shkodra, surrounded by Buna, Drin, and Kir rivers. On the steep sides of the hill stand the surrounding walls, which occupy a surface area of approximately 9 ha. The castle’s inner surface is divided by the walls of the three courtyards, each with its own gates. The third courtyard, smaller than the rest, is situated on the highest part of the hill. Its exit walls contain turrets, whereas the outer wall contains numerous towers. The Castle features a round tower, a warehouse, and a three-story Venetian building. The second courtyard occupies the central and larger part of the castle, and a transverse wall without towers divides it form the first courtyard.
It is one of the major touristic destinations, valued not only by historians throughout history, but also by the many travelers who visited it.

Visit Hours

Tuesday-  Saturday          09.00 – 16.00

Sunday                               09.00  – 16.00

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

Albanian and foreign citizen ticket                      400 ALL

Group ticket +12                                                      300 ALL

Reduced ticket  -50%                                              200 ALL

Tickets children 12-18 years and students          120 ALL

Children under 12                                                   Free Entry

Tickets purchased online

  • General Admission                                                  300 ALL
  • Group ticket +12                                                      200 ALL


Visit Duration

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour

What to see:

During the tour one can visit the ancient walls at the entrance, medieval buildings of the Venetian period from the 14-15th centuries, the cult object, the city’s Cathedral dating back to the 13-15th centuries later transformed into a mosque, as well as the “Capitol”, a three-story Venetian building, which today serves as the castle’s Museum, and the Ottoman era buildings which date mainly to the period of Bushatli Pashalik of the 18th century.

Additional information

Currently there are no audio guides, but the site has information panels, and brochures, both in Albanian and English, which are handed out at the entrance.

The site has a café service area, where alcoholic drinks are served to visitors over 18 years old. There is also a restroom. Since this is an open area site, pets are allowed, if accompanied by their owners.

Taking pictures is allowed, along with related photography service, recordings, filming, videoclips, only upon the Ministry of Culture’s permission.

At the site entrance, where one can also purchase the tickets, there is limited parking, but only for small vehicles.

The bus location is 300 meters away from the entrance, however, it is easy to walk to the site, since it is a cobblestone street with a mild slope.

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