Onufri National Iconographic Museum

Onufri National Iconographic Museum

200 lek per person

The National Iconographic Museum “Onufri”, a state institution dependent upon the Ministry of Culture which conducts its activity within the church rebuilt in 1797 in the “Kala” neighbourhood. The church was once the city’s cathedral.

The cathedral is the most representative monument of post-Byzantine architecture in the city of Berat. The museum collection consists of 173 artefacts selected from an inventory of more than 1,500 artefacts, belonging to Albanian churches and monasteries, and of the city of Berat, of which 106 are icons and 67 liturgical objects, realized by Albanian iconographic painters  from the 14-20th centuries, such as: Onufri, Nikolla son of Onufri, Onufër Qiprioti, David Selenica, Kostandin Shpataraku and the Çetiri family (Gjergj, Nikolla, Johan, Naum, Gjergj the Young) and many other anonymous painters. The museum has three main halls, where the most representative works of the aforementioned painters and of others are exhibited. Besides the icons displayed on the museum, a special series of works, icons realized by the painter Joan Çetiri, are displayed near the church’s gilded iconostasis. Textiles and metallic objects, bearing testimony to Berat’s highly skilled artisanal tradition, are also showcased.

Visit Hours

Monday  –  Sunday          09.00 – 18.00

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

Albanian and foreign citizens ticket                    200 ALL

Reduced ticket                                                         150 ALL

Student ticket                                                           100 ALL

Children under 8                                                      Free Entry

Tickets purchased online

  • Albanian and foreign citizens ticket                    200 ALL
  • Children under 8                                                     Free Entry



Visit Duration

35 -55 min.

What to see

The museum is complex and it includes the church, the massive iconostasis, wooden carved and gilded, the ambon, the throne, etc.
The collection which consists of 200 icons and liturgic objects dating from the 14- 20th centuries. “Saint Mary”, “Presentation of Christ in the Temple” and “Deesis” created by Onufri, Nikola’s icon series, “Christ Pantocrator” by Onufër Qiprioti, “Panagia” by Johan Çetiri, the icons “Strategos” (Saint Demetrios), “Last Supper”, “Life-giving Spring”, etc. by anonymous painters, as well as the relics of saints Gorazd and Angelar.

Additional information

The museum offers didactic guides in Albanian, English and Italian; QR code guides in Albanian, English and Italian; and A3 format guides in 15 languages,

Beverages, pets, filming and photography are prohibited in the museum.

There are enough restrooms available to visitors

The museum does not provide access to people with disabilities