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National Museum of Photography “Marubi”

National Museum of Photography “Marubi”

700 lek per person

It contains the treasure of the Marubi dynasty, which comprises photos realized since the establishment of the studio in 1856 until 1989. The archive of the Photo Gallery is quite rich and includes around 500,000 photos, in negative, in lens and in film, of different sizes. Through photography, the Marubi family documented Albania’s most significant historical periods, like the Ottoman Empire period, the King Zog period and the communist regime. Pietro Marubi, the founder of the Marubi archive was born in Piacenza, Italy in 1834 and due to the historical circumstances of the time, he moved to Shkodra, were he dedicated his life to his passion of the art of photography. Currently, in the museum inventory of the Marubi National Museum Photography are preserved museum objects, such as photographic devices, lamps, different flashes, the studio’s curtains, chairs and other studio materials, used by the Marubi family. Moreover, relevant documents pertaining to the photo gallery’s activity are also preserved.

Visit Hours

Tuesday –  Saturday          09.00 – 17.00

Sunday                                09.00 –  14.00

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

General Admission                                          700 ALL

Group Ticket +12                                             600 ALL

Reduced ticket  -50%                                      350 ALL

For children 12-18 years and students        210 ALL

Children under 12 years                                 Free Entry

ICOM Member                                                 Free Entry

Tickets purchased online

  • Individual ticket                                        200 ALL
  • Group Ticket +12                                      500 ALL



Visit Duration

Approximately 1 hour

What Places to see:

The permanent collection is arranged in thematic rooms dedicated to the three photographers of the Marubi dynasty: Pietro, Kel and Gegë Marubi. The photographer’s own objects and documents, along with a selection of photographies are exhibited in each of the rooms. The temporary exhibition area provides an opportunity to get acquainted with other photographers from the Museum’s archive or further contributions by contemporary new photographers.

Additional information

There is access for persons with disabilities

There are elevators

There are restrooms within the  museum

There is Wi-Fi

Photography is permitted

Strollers are not allowed

There is no audio guide

Smoking is prohibited (except for the inner courtyard);

Food and beverages are not allowed

Pets are not allowed

Prices are valid until August 31!

For further information click on: http://www.marubi.gov.al/aspx/Home.aspx