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Castle of Gjirokastra

Castle of Gjirokastra

400 lek per person

The castle is embodied in the city of Gjirokastra’s history and is first mentioned both as a city and a castle in 1336. However, many historians believe that the existence of the stone Castle dates earlier than that. The zenith of this castle’s history was during the Pasalik of Ionnina period, when Ali Pasa of Tepelena would build a series of new buildings and make other interventions, thus, giving the Castle of Gjirokastra the architectural and engineering features that it preserves to this day. Since 1968, the stony stage of the Castle of Gjirokastra generously welcomes folk instrumentalists, singers and dancers in the framework of the Gjirokastra National Folklore Festival. Similarly, during the past years, the Castle premises have served for the organization of concerts, shows and various cultural fairs. The stony Castle is one of the most attractive sights included in the travel guides for Albanian and foreign touristic groups who visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gjirokastra.

Visit Hours

Tuesday –  Saturday          09.00 – 16.00

Sunday                                09.00  – 14.00

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

General admission ticket                                               400 ALL

Group ticket +12                                                              300 ALL

Reduced ticket -50%                                                       200 ALL

Ticket children 12-18 years and students                   120 ALL

Children 0-12 years old                                                  Free entry

Tickets purchased online

  • General admission ticket                                                                                          300 ALL
  • Group ticket +12                                                                                                         200 ALL



Visit Duration

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour.

What to see:

Main entrance,

Artillery Gallery,

Museum of Armaments,

Old prisons,

Ottoman cannons square,

Festival stage,

Clock tower,

Cult building (Bektashi turbe),

Bread bakeries,

“Pasha Kauri” entrance, etc.

Additional information

The castle of Gjirokastra can be accessed with a vehicle up to the entrance, even by people with disabilities.

There are no audio guides.

Photography, related photography services, recordings, filming, video clips are allowed only upon permission by the Ministry of Culture.

There are restrooms within the castle’s premises.

Prices are valid until August 31!