Castle of Berat / Castle of Berat

Castle of Berat

100 lek per person

Referred to as the “City of the Floating Windows”, the 2,400- year old city of Berat, bears testimony to the wealth and diversity of the urban and architectural heritage of the Southeast European region. The castle of Berat is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful, magnificent and significant monuments of the Albanian history and culture. Situated on a 187 m high hill, to the left of the Osumi River, it was primarily a proto-urban settlement dating from VII-V BCE. As an important strategic location, it evolved into a citadel with walls reaching as high as 1,400 m and encompassing a surface area of 10 ha. Within the castle’s 9.6 ha surface area, are featured several churches and their ruins, the Turkish buildings, the ruins of two mosques, the cisterns locally known as “saranxha”, the Sallabanda square, the “Great Field” square, etc. Meanwhile, the largest part of this inner courtyard is occupied by a series of alleys, yards, gardens and houses, which comprise the neighborhood known as “Kala”.

Visit Hours

Monday  –  Sunday          09.00 – 18.00

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

Albanian and foreign tourist ticket                                 100 ALL

Reduced ticket                                                                     50 ALL

Student ticket                                                                        30 ALL

Children 0-8 years old                                                        Free entry

Tickets purchased online

  • Albanian and foreign tourist ticket                                    100 ALL
  • Children 0-8 years old                                                        Free entry



Visit Duration

The visit in the castle lasts about 2 hours, enough time to view all available attractions.

What to see:

The castle walls,

South entrance gate,

Onufri Museum

Saint Mary Blachernae Church,

Holy Trinity Church,

The ruins of the White and Red Mosques,

Acropolis, etc.

Additional information

The castle does not provide facilitations for people with disabilities. There are no audio guides; pets, food or beverages are allowed.