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Butrint National Park

Butrint National Park

1000 lek per person

Butrint lies on a low hill at the tip of the Ksamil Peninsula, separating the Ionian Sea with the Butrint Lake. This site, like many other important archaeological sites in Albania, was inscribed on the National Heritage List of Protected Monuments in 1948.  However internationally, the significance of the ancient city was recognized and confirmed as such in 1992, when it was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Butrint National Park was established by the Ministry of Culture. The Park borders with the surrounding villages of Ksamil, Vrina, Shëndëllia and Xarra. The establishment of the National Park became necessary, to the specialists’ mind, in order to preserve Butrint’s unique location and environment, to preserve the archaeological remains of several centers and monuments uncovered in this hearth of ancient civilization, as well as a more efficient management, thus, fulfilling UNESCO recommendations of 1997. In this framework, the Butrint Administration and Coordination Office was established, which plays a determinant role in the management and conservation of the Park’s values.

Visit Hours

Tuesday –  Saturday          09.00 – 16.00

Sunday                                09.00  –  14.00

Duration of the visit

Visit lasts 1- 3 hours

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

General admission ticket to Butrint National Park                                                    1000 ALL

Group ticket +12                                                                                                                800 ALL

Reduced ticket -50%                                                                                                         500 ALL

Tickets for children 12-18 years and students                                                              300 ALL

Children under 12                                                                                                               Free Entry

Tickets purchased online

  • General Admission                                                                              800 ALL
  • Group ticket +12                                                                                   700 ALL
  • Group Ticket +50                                                                                 600 ALL


What to see:

Venetian Tower

Shrine of Asclepius


Hellenistic Stoa, Agora and Roman Forum


Triconch Palace


City walls, Roman Nympheum and bridge

Grand Basilica

Scean Gate (or Lake Gate)

Lion Gate

Well of Junia Rufina


Fortress and Museum

Additional information

People with disabilities are limited to the flat part of the ancient city, up to the Grand Basilica. The rest of the area is steeper and has a lot of stairs.

The park does not provide audio guides.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited but at the end of the tour there is a resting area, a bar with light food and refreshments.

Pets are permitted, but owners should take care of them.

Photography is permitted throughout the site but is prohibited within the Archaeological Museum.

There are 2 restrooms in the Park, one situated at the beginning of the itinerary, and the second situated by the fortress at the end of the tour.

Prices are valid until August 31!

For further information click on: http://butrint.al/en/