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Apolonia Archaeological Park

Apolonia Archaeological Park

600 lek per person

Apollonia is situated 12 km from the city of Fier. The city was named to honor the god Apollo. Among the 24 Mediterranean cities carrying this name in Antiquity, Apollonia of Illyria was the most important and played an immense role as a trading intermediary between Helens and Illyrians. Archeologists refer to Apollonia as “the Pompei of Albania”, since only 10% of the former city’s territory has been uncovered to the present. Established in the early 4th century BCE, the ruins of Apollonia were discovered in the beginning of the 19th century. Ruins of the protective wall and an archaic temple dedicated to the Artemis, the most venerated goddess by the Apollonians, date from the city’s earliest period. The vast territory covered with monuments, which opens to amazing views and scenery of the Myzeqeja Plain and the Adriatic Sea, and the favorable geographic location, close to large cities and the south coast make Apollonia Archaeological Park easily accessible and a privileged destination of Albanian cultural tourism.


Visit Hours

Tuesday-  Saturday          09.00 – 16.00

Sunday                               09.00  – 14.00

Last Monday and Sunday of the month is vacation

Tickets purchased at the point of sale

General admission ticket                                                600 ALL

Group Ticket +12                                                              500 ALL

Reduced ticket -50%                                                       300 ALL

Ticket for children 12-18 years and students             180 ALL

 Children under 12 years old                                          Free entry

Tickets purchased online

  • General Admission                                          500 ALL
  • Group Ticket +12                                             400 ALL



Visit Duration

The tour at the Apollonia Archaeological Park lasts 1.5-3 hours.

What to see:

The Monumental Center (the city’s ancient Agora), Archaeological Museum, Church of Virgin Mary, Monastery of Virgin Mary, Theater and Nympheum.

Additional information

Infrastructure accessible to people with disabilities is lacking both within the Apollonia Archaeological Museum and the Park territory.

The Park does not provide audio guides, only brochures in English, French and Albanian, as well as tour guides.

Pets and photography are not permitted in the AAM (Apollonia Archaeological Museum), as well as within the Monastery (Church of Saint Mary and the Refectory).

The Park’s restrooms are located within the facilities of the Saint Mary Monastery, but there are more restrooms in the restaurants (2) that serve food and beverages.

Apollonia Archaeological Park provides tour guides in several languages (English, French, Italian and Greek).

Beverages, food and pets are prohibited within the Museum, but are allowed in the site.

The Park offers the Actionbound “Apollo Deus Solis” application (The Park is the first to use this application in two languages. Everyone can discover Apollonia through games and entertainment.)

Prices are valid until August 31!